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I’d like to share with you how much I’ve enjoyed my fluffy babies I got from Donna. 
I had found her website and then spoke with her on the phone several times and made
an appointment to pay her a visit.  One of the things that made me want to see her puppies
was of course they looked darling in their pictures, but what really impressed me is that she
was not interested in selling me a puppy if I wanted to have it flown to me.  I was definitely
not interested in having my puppy flown in.  A trip to her house from my house in Virginia was
a bit over 5 hours (it was no short trip) but definitely worth the time.  I met the parents of my girls
and fell in love with them.  I could barely wait for the puppies to be born.  After they were born
I made another trip up to see them and pick out my baby (I ended up with 2).  I then had to wait
3 (looooong) months before I could bring them home and I could not be more delighted with them. 
The girls have been very healthy and are pure sweetness.  They are full of life, humor, friendly, happy
and they are beautiful. They are my babies and I cannot imagine not
having them.
Thank you again Grandma Donna for all of the effort you put into my little fluffy girls.  :) 

Donna is definitely concerned about her ‘kids’ and
making sure that the puppies are healthy and everything you would want them to be. Also, be aware
that when you are looking at Donna and the puppies...she may be observing you to make sure that
you will take good care of her babies. :)

Sincerely, Nancy


We visited Donnas website about seven years ago and after a couple of phone conversations decided to visit her home and meet her puppies. We were immediately impressed with the love  Donna and her family showed her Shih Tzus , and impressed with how happy all the dogs seemed. She had dogs of all ages, and instead of going home with one, we HAD to take two. These are the most wonderful sweet, friendly, and loving companions anyone could ask for. They travel in any type vehicle and especially love their golf cart rides in the winter in Florida. We live in a resort area of Delaware and are often asked where we got our "kids" , and without reservation, I recommend Donna at Precious and Few . ..   Sue Isaacs  Rehoboth Beach DE



All I have to say is THANK YOU!  I truly appreciate all your help in making this Christmas a very special and memorable Christmas for my family.  Bucky is the cutest puppy I have ever laid eyes on and the entire family is head over heels in love.  He appears to be extremely healthy and happy.  He has a great demeanor and a heart 10 times his size.  My parents are working through the housebreaking and chewing stages and look forward to spring when there is not as much snow on the ground!!!  

Nonetheless, we all feel very fortunate to have Bucky in our lives.  He is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.



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